Our ports

Mar Menor
Murcia - Spain

Situated in a privileged environment in the Region of Murcia in the South East of Spain. An inland sea, 25 km long with very calm waters. Inside there are several islands to anchor and enjoy fabulous sunsets. It is open to the Mediterranean Sea by the “Estacio” canal. The famous “Palos Cape” and “Hormigas” Islands can be found nearby. Due to its characteristics, it is the ideal place to sail safely throughout the year. The port is located in Tomas Maestre port. – The boats are located in the port of Tomas Maestre.

Alicante - Spain

Torrevieja has a very advanced infrastructure for nautical tourism. It offers a wide range of activities and services due to its outstanding nautical history.

It is 15 miles North of the charismatic island of “Tabarca”, where you can taste numerous different types of cuisine with a delivery service on board. Travelling south, one can visit “Grosa” Island, a protected natural area where the charm of its transparent waters can be appreciated. Besides the wide range of nautical activities, nearby you can explore beautiful coves and bays.

Alicante - Spain

Denia is a traditional fisherman port located in the Eastern part of the Iberian Peninsula (Spain). The tourism boom allowed this city develop into one of the most prominent nautical industries of the Mediterranean coast.

Sailing in the area of “San Antonio Cape” and “Nao Cape”, are just incredible. In addition, one has the opportunity to anchor in its amazing coves and visit the nearby ports; “Moraira” or “Jávea”.

It is the starting point for numerous voyages to the Balearic Islands.

Ibiza and Formentera
Islas Baleares - Spain

An excellent place for a nautical holiday. “Ibiza” and “Formentera” are islands that are exclusively oriented to tourism. The organization of its diverse ports, bars and restaurants and its amazing atmosphere give any visitor the opportunity to a unique experience of great quality. The many coves and beaches with their clear and crystalline waters make these islands one of the most beautiful islands of the Mediterranean coast.

During the summer season, boats of all types come together to create a spectacular ambient.

San Blas

The “San Blas” archipelago is situated along the Atlantic coast of Panama. Its population consists of people from the culture of “Guna Yala”. It has a combination of more than 350 idyllic islands full of palm trees, beaches with white sand and clear water with beautiful depths. Some of these islands are uninhabited. The gastronomy is famous for its fantastic sea products. To arrive at “San Blas archipelago” one must fly into the airport of “Panamá Ciudad” and by car, drive along the Atlantic coast. From there, you cross the country to El Provenir. Or you can take a domestic flight to Provenir Island. Sailing this region is an unbelievable experience.